Sunday, December 27, 2020

DIY Calendars for 2021 - Easel Style & Refrigerator Magnet

 BYE BYE 2020!!!

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I'm sure we are all ready to bid 2020 farewell and hoping that 2021 offers a better tomorrow.  So to start off the new year I knew we would all need new calendars....and to help you out with that I have made a DIY calendar video.  I have also included a free calendar print out to use in making your calendar.  In my video I show how easy it is to make an easel style calendar for your desk and a magnet calendar for your refrigerator.  These are great for yourself or for gifts.

Here is a link to my video

Here is the calendar to print out.....just click on it then right click and SAVE AS to your computer.  When printing it out use the 8x10 print option as I explain in my video otherwise you will lose the edges of the calendar.

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  1. Thank you Janie for the calendars nice to have them,will be great to us on a creation...Wish you a Happy Healthy and pretty 2021...yvonneXX

  2. Thank you for callendar print. Happy New year to you too,

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