Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shabby Chic Box With Glazed Paper Mosaic

By now I'm sure you have seen enough of the Glazed Paper Mosaic technique, so this is my last post using that.
I just wanted you to see it on something other than a card and thought this little box I decorated for my daughter for her birthday was a cute example of how you can do it on wood as well.

If you would like to see the making of this wooden box, or should I say decorating, please visit my YouTube channel, jjgz4ever .  Or click HERE for a direct link to the YouTube  tutorial on this box.  If you would like the direct link to the Glazed Paper Mosaic tutorial click HERE 

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    1. Thank you so much Julie!!! Thought it was time to share something that isn't a :) Hugs...Janie