Saturday, April 22, 2023

Side Pillar Pop-Up Card Instructions

 Hi everyone!!!

If you're coming from my


Collaboration Hop & Giveaway...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me celebrate my 

30,000 subscriber milestone on YouTube!!!

Just scroll down for the templates/instructions 😊

And if you arrived here by chance and didn't know about the celebration hop & giveaway on YouTube, then you also didn't see my video tutorial that these cardmaking instructions go to.  So here is a link to my video,

Side Pillar Pop-Up Shaker Card 

And then from there just click on the hashtag to watch the rest of the videos in the hop and have a chance at winning some FABULOUS PRIZES!!!

The giveaway is open April 22-29, 2023, but the videos will still be available to watch 😊 is what you came to get....the downloadable sheets with the templates and measurements to go along with my video tutorial for the Side Pillar Pop-Up Card.  You should be able to RIGHT CLICK (or left click then right click) on each one and then choose SAVE AS.

Remember, if you haven't watched my video, you will need to watch it to see  how all of this goes together.  

Thanks for stopping by and....


  1. Thank you for the awesome templates, Janie! I just downloaded them! Whenever I get back to crafting and blogging, I am hoping to make one of these cards! I enjoyed your video tutorial too, and congrats again on your 30K YouTube Subscribers!

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